Sunday, April 19, 2015

Switch Wiring and Ignition Fan

Ignition Fan
The Lightspeed Ignition boxes need forced air into them for cooling. This isn't a super critical item so I found a small 12 volt fan on Amazon for a couple bucks. Then made a manifold from aluminum sheet and tubing. After gluing it in place with JB Weld the two are now inseparable. For an added measure I wired this fan to the VPX and it will display a warning if the fan quits operating, otherwise I would never know it quit working.

Instrument Panel Switches
Started cutting the holes for the switches. Lots and Lots of wires will wind up in this area.

Wiring up the switches. A little safety note. You should have an individual ground for every switch because you do not want one ground coming loose and disabling all of your important switches. After testing out the switches in the plane, in the dark, I noticed they were REALLY bright. So I added a dimmer. This will probably be set to a certain brightness and then forgotten so I installed it behind the instrument panel. But its still accessible while flying if need be.

Not the best shot of the switches installed.....maybe there will be something better later on....sorry.

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