Wednesday, April 22, 2015

"Finishing" the Instrument Panel Wiring

I put quotes around the "finishing" in the title because it turned out I wasn't done. I came to find out certain wires on my wiring schematic should have gone to the VPX and not the G3X and a few other hiccups. Nothing major, small stuff really. I think I only messed up one pin on the entire thing so I shouldn't complain. But it felt major at the time. When you're nearing the end, anything that you have to redo is going to be awful work.

I tried and tried to be really organized with the wires. And, I guess it turned out ok. I get complements from electrical engineers so I suppose I did a good job. But in reality you never see it. So as long as you can figure out where each wire goes when maintenance issues pop up then your in good shape.

I love my Passenger Warning label. : )

All finished and installed! Just need the center console and engine controls.

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