Saturday, April 4, 2015

Post Catch Up and New Magnetometer Mount

It's been a while....
It has been FOUR MONTHS! since my last post. WOW. Well, I have an excuse. After I got the hangar everything started happening very quickly. The parts from the painter were almost complete and needed to be moved into the hangar. Parts were arriving from the vendors and my "deadline" date was approaching. I wanted the plane to be done and flown off before our family vacation; a trip we take every year. With all the parts I needed on hand, and the painter nearly ready to paint the fuselage, I had a lot of work to do in a small amount of time. I was also very ready for the project to be over....I was ready to fly this thing and get my life back. Late nights and long weekends....lots and lots of work happened in only a few months. The home stretch, the last big push, the most trying times of the entire build. I took pictures and recorded times as best I could, but I have to admit that a lot of work passed by and not a single picture was taken. The recorded times fell behind and I lost track. I was working too hard to keep up with it all. For that, blog readers, I apologize; but when you get to this point in your build you will understand why. So enjoy these last posts because as I write this the airplane has completed Phase 1 and we made our family trip. I will enjoy writing about the work that is now well into the past. I'm happy its over, but it was all worth is an amazing airplane!

(The dates on the posts will be altered to reflect roughly when the event actually occurred, OK, back to the blog.)

New Magnetometer Mount
If you've been following along since the beginning then you know that I designed a mount for the Dynon ADAHRS then decided to change everything and install an entire Garmin system. (If you didn't you do) With the system change I now needed to modify my ADAHRS mount into a magnetometer mount.

First, I made a plate with a large hole to mount the magnetometer. As you can see in the image I did this by drilling lots of holes around the inside perimeter of the large hole. Then started cutting away with the dremel. This worked really well and went by a lot quicker then I expected.

Here is the complete mount. A couple L-angles made a great Z-channel and my new mag mount was complete.

Installed on the old ADAHRS mount with brass screws and nuts. Despite the system change it all worked out in the end. BTW the Garmin System is awesome. No regrets.

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