Friday, April 10, 2015

Headliner, Vents, Soundproofing, Visor Fix

Around Easter my In-Laws visited and between the Easter activities my Father In-Law and I worked on the airplane. Since I had help I focused on the headliner. A much easier task to do with two. We used automotive headliner adhesive and just followed the directions on the cans (yep took more then one can). And it turned out great.

Applying the velcro strips to the headliner.

With the velcro strips attached to the back of the headliner and mated to its other half. We removed the adhesive backing and carefully placed the headliner into position. Then we had to remove the headliner and go back and push really hard on the strips that were now adhered to aircraft top. This really helped the strips get a strong hold to the cabin top.

After the headliner was in I had to place the seat and interior panels in the plane to see how it all looked. Looking awesome!

I wound up finding that just adhering the vent to the fuselage skin was going to wok better then how Aerosport planned on it being installed.

Soundproofing going in. Note to future builders: install the lower soundproofing, then the lower panel, then the upper soundproofing. The top of the pael screws into the longeron and the soundproofing can block access to the screw holes. Obvious, I know. But trust me, it's a pain if you don't do it in the right order.

Here's a picture of the little brackets I made to attach the ADEL clamps that support the wire bundels as they pass through the frame holes.

Once I sat in the front seat for the first time I immediately noticed that the visors were going to be a problem in their standard installation configuration. The seats sit much higher then I thought they would causing your head to be really close to the visor's post as it hung down right in front of you. So I came up with a solution. If you look closely I made a small 90 degree bracket that rotated the visor mount up and forward out of the way of the seat occupant. A simple and effective solution to the problem. Painted it black and screwed it in place. Works great.

Now the visor post is rotated up and out of the way.

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