Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Interior Panels and Paint

Weather forecast: Sunny and 60+ degrees ....So I stopped what I was doing and started prepping for paint. With a break from the winter weather, and the need to paint the interior before I start getting too much installed, I decided to shift gears for the weekend and paint. I had spent an entire day fitting the interior panels and cutting whatever I needed to before paint.

I masked off....um, almost everything.

Lots of masking. This takes more time then the painting. I only wanted to paint the door frame, the rear cross bar, around the baggage door, and a few other exposed areas.

The bulk of the painting happened outside. I painted the door interiors and all the interior panels outside.

The rear baggage bulkhead, side panels, interior door handles, and even the little screw buttons all painted.

Aside from running out of paint and my wife having to make an emergency pick up (best wife ever) everything went really well. Painting on the table with the parts laying flat is MUCH easier then if the were in the plane sitting vertical. It's nice to not have to think about this step anymore.

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