Thursday, March 26, 2015

Parts go to paint

FINALLY, with my "work detour" coming to an end, and all the non fuselage parts ready for paint, the day arrived to load them up and ship them to the painter.

My mighty rig for the day.

Sorry for the grainy pic. By the time we finished loading it all in the truck it was dark. As you can see I didn't load the truck up very tight. In fact none of the parts were touching. Lots of bubble wrap, packing blankets and modified cardboard boxes for support helped the parts arrive safely. I duct taped most of the parts to the floor or walls. The wing cradles are screwed into the wood floor. I drove slow, like Sunday morning Grandma slow, all the way to Tupelo MS where my painter has a shop. I was nervous but it all arrived undamaged.

Another sneak peak at the paint scheme!!!

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