Friday, January 31, 2014

Door Handles

I started the door handles last weekend. I wanted to get an understanding of how all the components worked and I just needed a break from the fiberglass. The handles are actually a very simple design once you look things over. A quick study of the plans and holding the parts in your hands it's all takes to get how the things assemble.

The next day I sanded the LH door to it's final size. This took maybe 4 or 5 trial fits and sanding before I got it to a final shape I liked. I also finished installing the hinges on the LH side (RH was completed before). I also made a small 0.25" block to slide along the interior door skin and mark the door gutter on the cabin. The gutters will be sanded down to the 0.25" mark to allow adequate gaping for the McMaster Carr door seals.

Dates and Times
25 Sat  -3.5 hrs- Started working on handles. Also rearranged and cleaned up the shop but this isn't included in the time.
26 Sun -4.75 hrs- Sanded LH door to final size. Finished hinges. Marked gutter edge for cut.

Total Time on Door So Far
24.0 hrs

I had to polish the inside of the handle tube so the internal pin would fit and slide better.

This is how I installed the safety latch pin. I used a zip tie to hold the spring back and held the pin in place with vice grips. The vice grips also slightly squeeze the pin to aid in hammering it into the hole. Be sure to not squeeze the pin where the two sides touch each other as this might damage the pin and it won't stay in the hole as it's designed. Also, I had to open up the slot in the handle tube quite a bit to allow the pin to slide freely up and down.

The handle resting in place inside the door.

The exterior handle sitting in position in all it's ugly glory.

A shot of the progress thus far...see how the upper forward fuselage is installed!

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