Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Overhead Primer

After more sanding I decided it's finally time to prime the overhead console. I used SEM High Build Primer sprayed from a rattle can. A single can was just enough cover everything. Of course after spraying the primer more pinholes showed up. After the primer dried I filled the pinholes with resin and filler and then sanded everything one more time....hopefully the last time. I then (with help from a friend of mine) drilled and attached all of the nutplates to hold the close out panels in place. I also made a small close out panel that will go on the front edge of the overhead and straddles the center post. The panel will help finish out the hole on the forward edge.

I jumped around on parts to work on. Sometimes, multiple parts on the same day. Therefore my times will be a little scattered on this post.
Dates and Times
Sat 11th -4.5 hrs- Sanded overhead, final fit for close out panels, sprayed high build primer on overhead, a few other odds and ends
Sun 12th -5.5 hrs- Finished fuel lines (details in another post)
Mon 13th -1.25 hrs- Countersunk holes in canopy, installed bushing in canopy top (all per plans)
Tues 14th  -1.0 hr- Filled pinholes in overhead console
Wed 15th  -1.0 hr- Final fit for close out panels in overhead. Started sanding filled spots and primer
Fri 17th -4.0 hrs- Insulated top of upper fwd fuselage, trimmed sound panels for easier maintenance when upper fwd fuselage is installed, random small jobs of little importance, with help sanded the overhead (about a 1 hr of effort on the overhead). Then later that evening Jess and I unpacked the finishing kit. (more on this in another post)

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