Monday, June 10, 2013

Tested the Fuel Tanks

Tested the Fuel Tanks....and they passed. No leaks! and look how nice they are waving "Hi" to me like that.

I used the fuel tank test kit from Van's aircraft which at first appearance I thought was nearly useless. It came with three parts: an air port, a cap, and a plug. Only one of those three fit onto the tank. "Well that sucks how do I plug the holes?" So I called Brian and Brandi and asked them to dig back into their memory banks when they tested their fuel tanks. Well, Brandi asked if I had installed the Fuel Strainer onto the tank....Nope...that's what I was missing. Thanks Brandi! So with the air port screwed into the drain and the cap screwed onto the the Fuel Strainer. I then tie-wrapped a glove (lacking balloons) onto the vent port and filled the tank with air until the "balloon" inflated. I sprayed with soapy water and inspected for bubbles and then did it again just to be sure and didn't find anything!

Saturday June 8th 1.0hrs
The Friendly Fuel Tank
I did find one "leak" around the fuel strainer cap, but that's ok it's just coming off anyway.


  1. Hi Justin,

    Just letting you know that I'm following you every step on. I'm about to start my on -10 soon, tailkit is in the shop...

    Haven't decided on what primer to use...

    Cheers from Switzerland,

    1. Thanks for following along Fabian. I used Akzo two part epoxy primer and found it really easy to apply.
      Enjoy building,
      - Justin