Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Step "Crack"

I found a crack in my RH step....well more of an "un-welded" spot. I sent an email to Van's to see what they suggest, I suggest a new step but that's my opinion. We'll see.
Vans Aircraft,
I am currently building my RV-10 and was looking at my steps when I noticed a small "crack" (not really a crack more of an opening where the two tubes aren't fully welded). I thought the crack might just be superficial so to get a better look I polished the weld (NOTE the "crack" was found before I started polishing the weld) and found that it indeed runs deep. The "crack" is about 0.7" in length and at it's widest point about 0.02" in width. I don't know if a new step is required, but I would not feel comfortable using this one as is.

UPDATE 7/7/13
Vans paid for shipping back to them to reweld the step. The step has been shipped and have not heard anything yet.

UPDATE 7/15/13
Van's deemed the step a "defective part and it could not be repaired" so they sent me a new one, no charge, and it looks much nicer than the original.  

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