Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Flaps Work

I deburred the flap skins and applied a small bend on the trailing eges of all the skins to help the edges lay flat after riveting. Deburring seemed to be taking forever so I recruited Jess to speed things up. After all was deburred and dimpled I clecoed the leading edges and skins on the skeloton frame and started riveting. So far so good and moving along nicely.

Sunday June 9th - 4.75hrs  All Flap Work
Monday June 10th - 1.25hrs  All Flap Work

Skins clecoed in place.

First line of rivets set.

Both Flap Upper Skins are complete, except the aft two rivets which are back-riveted.

The baby inspecting the work.


  1. Hey Justin, is there any particular reason for priming the Fuse and not the wings?? And I was wondering if you are going to wire your plane conventionally or are you considering using the Vertical Power system??

  2. The main wing structure, the spar, comes anodized which does not require any further corrosion protection. All secondary structure of the wing is relatively thin clad aluminum so the exposed edges of the aluminum are very small. Clad alumimum has a very thin layer of pure aluminum which is naturally corrosion prohibitive. Any thick clad or bare aluminum parts (i.e. the tie down brackets) I acid etch and alodine to provide corrosion protection. This does not go without saying that priming the wings will give you more corrosion protection than not priming them, but, to me, the small added protection is not worth the major amount of extra work to clean and prime all those thin clad parts (plus weight, expense, and trying to prime in the cold weather when I was building most of the main structure of the wings). I primed the tail parts and the majority of the fuselage. The tail will see a lot of moisture and the fuselage will see a lot of moisture and dirt from entering and exiting the aircraft so I felt that those needed the additional protection. And of course the entire outside of the aircraft will be painted as well.
    That's my reasoning, although you should do what you feel is best.

    Right now the plan is to use the Verical Power System, eliminating nearly all circuit breakers, providing redundancy, battery monitoring, etc, etc. It looks like a really nice system.

    1. Thanks for the reply. Keep up the great work. Cant wait to see your finished product. Im a big fan of your blog! I hope to build one of these things one day. You,B&B Unrein, and Tim Olson have filled me with tons of inspiration.

    2. Derek, Thanks for the compliments and following along on my project. I'm honored you've paired me up with such great company!