Friday, June 14, 2013

More Flaps

The upper flap skins are completely riveted on and the lower skins are attached to the spar. You have to pull the skins apart and slide your hand into the flap, like a glove, to hold the bucking bar for the spar rivets. The leading edge ribs are blind rivets which makes for quick and easy work on those. The rest of the lower skin rivets are blind rivets, so that'll be nice. Next step is the trailing edge and that means more ProSeal...yay. Almost done though, I expect to finish these up this weekend. My Pitot/Static lines showed up on my doorstep yesterday, just in time for this weekend. Maybe I can get those installed as well.

Tuesday June 11th - 1.5hrs -  Back Riveted upper skin, riveted flap lower skin and leading edge
Wednesday June 12th -  0.75hrs - (My Wife's Bday!)  Finished riveting leading edge

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