Monday, February 23, 2015

Wiring and Door Switches

Yeah I know I'm really slacking on posts. I'm very far behind. Of course anyone reading this a year from now will just flow from the previous post to this one and think I didn't miss a beat. But if you look closely my lost post was in November and here we are almost at the end of February. Shameful I know. But I have been working on the plane VERY hard, so no worries. I have a lot more posts to put up after this one but no guarantee as to when it might happen.

So my last post we talked about my interior lighting and wires and such. This post continues on that.

Here are the DPDT switches I'm using for my doors. They control a ground and power loop that flips a relay to turn power on to the control box and turns on the light for the door that is opening. Sitting beside the switch is the small bracket that I made to install the switch.

The bracket installs on the aft side of the door frame and you can see how the pin engages the switch (opening the circuit) when the door is closed. It was a little difficult getting the wrench in there and I did have to use thin nuts instead of the standard thick size.

I ran wire through the rear seat support frame to get to the LH door and this is where the baggage door sensor is going to install...see it hanging out of the tunnel.

I also worked more on the tailcone wiring. I made a connector for the pitch trim servo connection.

Close up showing the connector and the small bracket that will hold the D-sub I'm installing on the pitch trim servo wires.

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