Monday, June 23, 2014


Filling - sanding - filling - sanding - when will it stop!? You know what at some point you just's good enough. I finally reached a satisfactory point in that process and was able to prime the cabin top and it's interface with the fuselage. Yay! It won't be long now and I can move on to something new!

I also installed my ADAHRS but then that came to a stop when I realized the data cable I ordered from Dynon was WAY too long. So I sent it back for a shorter one. I'll finish that install when it arrives and will post about it then.

Dates and Times
Mon 16th -1.0hrs- ADAHRS install
Tues 17th -1.25hrs- Sanded and filled fiberglass
Wed 18th -1.0hrs- Sanded and filled
Sat 21st -6.25hrs- sanded, filled, sanded, masked, prepped and sprayed primer
Sun 22nd -2.5hrs- sanded primer

I prepped the plane by wiping it down with some acetone...very lightly so nothing soaked in. Then I lightly etched and alodined the aluminum and wiped it clean. I also prepped the shop for painting.


Tail number painted on!

I used a high build primer from Sherwin Williams. The normal automotive stuff. easy application and easy sanding. Here is a picture after the sanding. First I sanded with a block and 120grit. Then I switched to 180 in some of the low areas. Then 400 grit everywhere by hand. It gave it a nice smooth finish.

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