Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Started Landing Gear

With the cabin top riveted on and the doors on hold for now I decided it's time to work on the landing gear. I received my MATCO and Desser Tires order a while ago and can finally crack open the packaging. MATCO has come up with properly sized wheels, brakes, and axles for the RV-10 so if you remember I deleted a lot of things from the finishing kit and this order is what replaces those items, but new and improved.


Desser Tire Order

Dates and Times
Tues 4 -1.0 hr- Finished bucking some rivets in the upper fwd fuse
Wed 5 -1.25 hrs- Cut cowl attach hinges to length.
Sat 8 -4.25 hrs- Drilled, deburred, countersunk, prepped, and painted the hinges.
                         I painted the hinges with a high temp engine paint.
                         Put tubes in tires using tire talc.
                         Mounted tires on wheels.
Sun 9 -4.75 hrs- Prepped, primed, and painted nose fork and main wheel fairing brackets.
                          Riveted cowl attach hinges in place.
                          Installed Firewall Heatshield.
                          Started looking at installing engine mount.

The MATCO stuff was a bit confusing so put together a step by step on how to assemble everything.
Step 1: Install bearings in wheels. If final install be sure pack bearing with grease. I used an automotive bearing grease that operates to -40F and some ridiculously hot temperature.

Step 2: The collar is in place.

Step 3: U-1003 with bolts as shown in plans.

Step 4: Place MATCO assembly on bolts.

Step 5: Slide spacers into place. As I have in the past I just ordered some spacers off Mcmaster Carr instead of trying to cut three spacers the same length. These are more exact and therefore will handle the loads better.

Step 6: Place the U-1010 Bracket and bolt into place.
When the time comes to actually put all this on the aircraft it all goes in as an assembly and then the wheels slide on...it'll make sense when you do it.

NOTE: my bracket required some clearance trimming.

Also note that the hydraulic fitting will be very close to the bracket.

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