Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dent Happens

I should write about this because stuff happens. While riveting the vertical support on the baggage bulkhead (a step called out in the cabin install section but should just be completed long before...I really don't see why they waited this long to have you complete this step) I dropped the bucking bar.        Wait...let me back up. There I was standing on a step stool leaning over the top of the airplane. The tungsten bucking bar being squeezed into a tiny crevice that my hand does not fit into. I thought for a moment and said to myself  "I should lay a blanket down on the lower skin in case I"...BAM!! the bucking bar hits the lower skin..."drop the bucking bar". Of course this event was followed by a lot of cussing and a man sized tantrum. How stupid could I be. It's hard to tell in the pictures but the bar hit in the most forward bay of the tailcone immediately to the right of the battery mount. The bar hit so hard that it actually caused a crack in the skin. Once I settled down and stopped beating myself up I thought "Now I  know where to install my transponder antenna".

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