Monday, March 31, 2014

Landing Gear Party

Since my last post I've been finishing a couple last minute details on the landing gear. I have also been cleaning and rearranging the shop. Wow...did it need it. I didn't realize how much of a mess I let it become. I needed help lifting the airplane onto a tall (34.5") workbench to install the landing gear. I figured at least four guys could do the lifting, a guy on the tail for control, and then a guy to pull the old fuselage stand out and push the new table in. Well since this was such a major milestone, and I needed help, I decided to have a "Landing Gear Party". Invite everyone over that would be interested in the plane; we lift the plane, install gear, set it back down...and then eat and talk about flying. A fun night. When it was all done I just kinda stared at the plane for a while, so cool.

A couple notes:
Remember to tape up any antenna cables hanging under the plane. I just tied them to a string and shoved them back in the hole and taped the string in place.
My left gear required a bit of sanding before it even came close to sliding in the hole.
I had one guy lifting the tail and two guys pulling down on the engine mount to compress the elastomers.

All in all it was easy work.

Estimated Accumulated Time 
Last post - March 28th -4.0hrs- Landing gear work, cleaning the plane (organizing and cleaning shop not included in time)

Here a few pictures from the night.

Standing on her own!

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