Wednesday, October 16, 2013


When you're building an airplane you get to come in contact, and sometimes meet, really cool people that are into the same things you are. Through this journey of building a plane I have come in contact with Ed Kranz, a guy that's about my age, building at about my pace, and at about the same point in construction of the RV-10 that I am. (Oh and he's about to have a it seems we have a lot in common.) One thing Ed has done for the aviation community is develop a website called SkySwapper. It's a place to trade and buy airplane stuff. I figured the least I can do is mention his site to help build up a user base. The more users the more stuff to buy. Here is his Press Release to explain it all.


Experimental Aviation Community Has New Online Classifieds at

Hastings, Minn. (October 1, 2013) – is excited to announce the launch of their new website, an online classifieds dedicated purely to the needs of the experimental aviation community.

"Over the past few years I've noticed that many homebuilders communicate via their own separate online groups. Also, when people are looking to buy or sell parts (or planes), that experience is also quite fragmented. They post on individual email lists, dedicated builder forums, and the big general aviation classifieds sites, but often these listings would be of interest to everyone regardless of which type of plane they are building or flying," comments Ed Kranz, creator of "As I’ve been building my own Vans RV-10, I found myself spending a lot of time searching many forums and big general aviation sites looking for parts and tools that any homebuilder could be selling. What I really needed was a place that builders could easily connect with other builders, regardless of what type of plane they had. fills that need." is currently in its beta release which means users are encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions on usability. "Posting ads with one photo will always be free, but during the beta you can sign up using the promo code: LAUNCH and be able to post ads with up to 4 pictures for free plus a few perks as a thank you for using the site." includes classified ad sections for buying and selling in progress and completed aircraft, aircraft parts and tools, pilot accessories, airplane partnerships, and a community area where users can list events and volunteer opportunities. In addition, homebuilders could be featured as the SkySwapper Homebuilder Spotlight which includes pictures of their aircraft and interview highlighted on the site.

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