Thursday, October 17, 2013

Rudder Pedals and Sound Panels

Dates and Times
Sun 13 -4.0hrs- made template for close out panels, made attach tabs, worked on rudder pedal install
Mon 14 -7.25hrs- Day off work, thank you Columbus
Deburr, dimple, rivet tabs in place using blind rivets
Cut sound panels out
Match drilled panels
Pick up holes in firewall...drill using unibit backed with wood
Paint panels black
Mask and paint fitting in airplane
While drying. Run rudder cables.
Glue foam to back of panels using 3m Fire Sealant
Install close out panels
Tues 15 -1.5hrs- installed sound panels, insulation, rudder pedals
After a little hiccup in building the rudder pedals they are now complete and painted...yay! I just left the doubler plate a brushed aluminum and they turned out really nice.

Installed the rudder cables.

I am installing soundproofing throughout the airplane and one of the noisiest areas, of course, is the firewall. Although I did not want the soundproofing touching the firewall directly, due to heat issues (also if you can have a dead air space between the aircraft and soundproofing it works just that much better), so I created some mounting clips that sound deadening panels will attach to . If you look really close at the picture below there are four clips on each side, highlighted with torque stripe orange to assist in my match drilling, that are attached to the firewall stiffening angles. These clips hold the sound panels off the firewall about 1.0in. I should mention that I am also installing a fire barrier on the forward side of the firewall to reduce heat exposure during normal operation and engine fire. So the total stack up starting from the front will be: stainless steel foil, 0.25" fiberfrax batting, firewall, dead air space, soundproofing foam, 0.020" aluminum sheet.

Everything installed! Just imagine the instrument panel, center console, carpet, and side panels in place....

A close up of the panel shows the cut out for the brake lines and how the sound panel is made of the 0.020" aluminum and 0.5" thick soundproofing foam all held off the firewall by the attach clips. Note one of the screws located adjacent to the brake lines.

Now that the rudder cables are installed I was able to install a few floor close out panels.

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