Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Flap System is Finished

Sorry for the big delay in posting. I don't know what happened. The days just flew by. A quick update and then I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story. I finished the flap actuation section. I had to open up the holes in the UHMW plastic bearings before they even slid onto the rods. I then installed the entire system and found everything to be very tight. There was a lot of resistance when trying to rotate the tubes. So I took it all apart and applied grease, didn't really fix the problem, so I took it all apart again and cleaned up the general purpose grease I applied and replace it with white lithium grease in the plastic that worked. Everything rotates very smoothly now. I also added provisions for my flap position sensor to be installed later. And then I tested the motor with a 9-volt battery just to be sure everything moved like it should.

Dates and Times
Sat 5 -4.75hrs- Stripped and painted rudder pedals, started flap actuation section
Sun 6 -3.75hrs- Worked on flap actuation, bolted tubes in place, cut bushings, riveted and bolted rudder pedals
Tues 8 -1.0hrs- finished rudder pedal assembly
Wed 9 -1.25hrs 
Sat 12 -3.0hrs- finished flap actuation section

Used the jig to set the angles of the flap horns.

I created two angles. The upper picture is the angle that attaches to the flap crank and has a series of holes down the side to allow for fine tuning the distance the position sensor is pulled in and out as the crank rotates. The lower picture is the angle that will be used to install the actual sensor.

View looking forward showing the flap motor installed and the location of the flap position sensor.

View showing the flap crank attaching to the motor arm and safety wiring. Also the angle that will be used for the flap position sensor.

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