Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tanks and Wing Skin...Again

Tuesday Night
I worked on some parts of the fuel tanks that didn't require sealant. I just didn't have enough time to mix a batch and get some work done. I also needed to complete these steps so the parts will be ready to cleco in proseal to the tanks. I dimpled and riveted the shims and bearings to the support bracket. I also worked on the wings a little, riveting the aileron brackets to the spar and rib.

1.5 hrs total
0.75 to wings
0.75 to fuel tank work = 43.75 hrs total on Fuel Tanks

Wednesday Night
I posted a while back about a good friend of mine stopping by to help rivet the RH wing skin. Well he is such a great friend that he stopped by again to help finish it up. Thank you Devin! I now only have a small row on the outboard side of  the skin and the RH upper wing skin will finally be finished. As a note, I have found that the row of rivet that attach the skin to the spar set a lot better if you install them the normal way, i.e. not using a back rivet bucking bar. Trying to install these with the back riveting bar will result in the skins not being flush with the outboard leading edge skin.

1.25 hrs to upper wing skin

We moved the LH wing off the side table to the stand, where it belongs, now that all the rivets are installed!

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