Monday, March 4, 2013

Tanks and Wing Skin

Taxes are complete so I can go back to enjoying being alive and building my airplane.

We had a little snow and cold weather this past weekend so starting the day was delayed until the shop warmed up. I dimpled the RH upper wing skin and have it hanging in place with a few clecos. Now I just need someone to help rivet...

The rest of the weekend was spent on the fuel tanks. Since all the holes are drilled out I marked the parts and disassembled the tanks. For a large part of the time the whole family was in the shop building the airplane. Jess was deburring parts and Ayla was sleeping, which is the best way a 10 week old can contribute : ). The skins and several parts are now deburred dimpled. Looks like it's almost Proseal time! Read the following statement ripe with sarcasm...Yay I'm so excited.

Date Time
2 3.0 Fuel tank and wing skin
3 4.75 Fuel tank

5.25 on Fuel Tanks = 14.25hrs Total

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