Monday, October 1, 2012

Ordered Wing Kit

In case you haven't caught on I am building the Fuselage kit before building the wing kit. This order made more sense to me with the tailcone connecting to the fuselage and all. The plan was I could then have the entire bulk of the airplane built and while working on the wings plan for all my avionics. There, so far, has only been one instance were the plans have mentioned something in the wing kit pages that did not have...searched Tim Olson's pages for the reference and moved on, no big deal. I want to continue doing sheet metal work right into the wing kit. I figure this is the most effecient and my skill level would only deminish if I moved away from it and started the later half of the fuselage kit (running fuel lines, brake lines, controls, fiberglass, etc). I want to get the fuselage to the point that a quick build fuselage would arrive in and then attach the tailcone. So with the 8 week lead time the kits have I should be ready about the same time the wing kit arrives.

One issue I found confusing was since I ordered the fuselage first they sent a part numbered W-1006 that normally ships with the wing kit. So they told me when I order the wing kit to just ask that this part be removed. Well I started questioning myself as to what this part actually is, I had a pretty good assumption but I wanted to be absolutely sure. So I called Van's and just as I thought W-1006 is made up of the F-1004 numbers, see their email reply below:

The W-1006 parts are all common to the main wing spar assembly, Under that part number
when you order you also receive all of the F-1004 center section parts.

1.000 |F-1004A
1.000 |F-1004B
1.000 |F-1004E
1.000 |F-1004F
1.000 |F-1004G
1.000 |F-1004H
0.200 |{W-1006 SPAR}

Oh, also, I added the Static Port Kit that I should have ordered witht the tailcone and the Float Fuel Sending Unit for the wings.

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