Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lower Fuselage

Finally time to connect the two halves of the fuselage together! I bolted the two halves together first with the provided spacers and some regular Lowe's bolts, they are temporary anyway. I riveted as much as I could by myself and then my very patient, productive, helpful, enthusiastic, ....oh and good looking friend, Adam, came by to help finish riveting. (I say those things as positive reinforcement so he helps again : ) hope it works) We turned the whole thing on its side to reach both sides. There are a couple rivets that the bucking bar couldn't get to, since they were under the seat support brackets...blinds might go there haven't decided yet. There are six rivets in the skin on the outboard side that go into the bulkhead assembly that need to be double flushed. So the bulkhead needs to be countersunk on the flange, don't know how I'm doing this yet either. I think I need a new tool to do the job.

The stand worked great. It rolls around really easily. I posted more pics as promised.

Since the work table was now free of airplane I decided to build the baby a set of chest-of-drawers that we needed. Started and finished it this past weekend. It's made almost entirely from the wood crating the airplane was shipped in, pretty neat.

There is a picture of the shop using the new panorama option on the iPhone. I had to try it out on something.

23 3.5 riveted fuselage halves
25 1.75 bending longerons
26 1.5 bending longerons


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