Monday, October 1, 2012

Forward Lower Fuselage

I've been pretty busy. Im happy with my progress again; after what felt like a little lull in building. I took off last Friday and worked all day on the plane, plus several other nights, that I didn't document so here is the catching up.

- Page 28-2 Step 2 in the RV-10 plans has an entire step that is not required in the new kits. Apparently they changed the fuel lines design and did not update this step; and a few other images I discovered later in the instructions.

- Cut out the middle of the Control Columns. It took a combination of a drill, whiz wheel, sander, and scotch brite pad to make it. See image the before is on the left and the after on the right.

- Had some holes that didn't line up on the F-1043F parts, see images, so like I've been doing on a lot parts I won't be blindly following the instructions. Instead I'm going to rivet these to the bulkheads first and then rivet them together to make it work.

-The entire Fwd Lower fuselage clecoed and drilled.

- Temporarily attached the Aft and Fwd Lower Fuselage halfs together to drill the skins. I had to set the whole thing on its side (RV-10's first right hand 90 degree bank!) to reach the holes.

- Dissamble Fwd half and started deburring.

If you notice the Firewall section is not complete. This is another part where I'm not following the plans in precise order. First, I want to prime as many parts at the same time that I can so I'm waiting for the Fwd Lower Fuselage parts. Second, I wouldn't have been able to set the part on its side without the weight of the firewall twisting everything out of alignment. Third, I think it is easier and faster to execute the same steps on multiple parts at the same just kinda get in the zone. Now all of this does not go without saying that I clearly mark the steps that I complete and will not close out a section as much as possible before proceeding to the next. So in the end NOTHING will be missed.  (Since last post 20hrs)

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