Monday, November 17, 2014

ADAHRS Mount and Pitot Line Bracket

The ADAHRS units need to be mounted in the same axis as the airplane and since the sub-panel sits at an angle I designed a mount for them.

The ADAHRS mount is simple, two extrusion pieces make up the legs and the rest I bent from sheet metal. The second ADAHRS will install above this one in the empty holes.

The side view shows the different lengths of the legs which makes an angle in the mount. This angle allows the ADAHRS to sit straight with the aircraft while mounted on the angled sub-panel.

I added a piece of j-channel to the back to prevent any vibration movement in the plate and thus the ADAHRS unit.

Once the ADAHRS was installed I could finish running the Pitot, Static, and Angle of Attack lines.

I made a small bracket to hold the pitot line Y-fittings. I didn't want to drill any holes in the small flange of the longeron so the bracket actually installs on the instrument sub-panel flange and then a leg bends aft to attach the fittings. Having the Y-fittings allowed me to install 90 degree connectors into the ADAHRS which provides more clearance for the big screen that is going to be installing in front of it. I just need to go back and add silicon tape to the tubes to prevent any abrasion against the outer skin.

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