Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Upper Air Ramps

Since you have to create a large cutout in the LH upper air ramp for the prop governor I wanted to closeout the area with fiberglass. This is mainly to prevent backflow of pressure in the upper cowling intake plenum which helps force air down between the cylinders and thus keeps the engine cool.

-Times recorded on previous post.

I started by spraying in some expandable foam into the air ramps that were previously glassed in and cut. The foam is a high temp flame retardant expanding foam....and expand it does! You can see the volcanic eruptions that took place overnight on one of the ramps.

The foam was cut down and shaped, then filled with thickened epoxy. Then a few layers of glass were laid over it to stiffen everything up. Unfortunately the foam kept producing bubbles in the glass making this a lot more work then I expected.

Ayla thought is was really cool to play in the plane!

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