Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Com Antenna Doublers Finished

I finally rounded up some help to rivet the Com Antenna Doublers in place, Thanks Kris. They install in the second bay in from outboard under the seats on each side. (More info here) We had to re-dimple the rivet holes since the blind dimpler just didn't finish the dimple completely the first time. The install was easy once we got moving and I even tested the antennas and everything screwed in just like I hoped it would. We also routed the cable from the hole through a large grommet in the seat intercostal and then through the seat floor pan. (Times and more info coming in next post)


I traced the antenna footprint so when it's time to paint I know where to mask off without having to reinstall the antenna.

The Com Antenna cable routing. Currently the BNC connector is hanging out the hole in the bottom of the aircraft waiting for the antenna install to push it back up through the hole.

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