Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Baggage Door and Brake Lines

I finished building the baggage door, although the section isn't complete because there are some closeout panels I need to install and I'm waiting on some more insulation before I do that. Building the door wasn't bad, although access to the rivets inside the c-channels is a bit annoying. Installing the brake lines wasn't bad either, although I find working with the hard lines can be tedious and finicky. Neither of the sections are complete as I am lacking a few steps in each. Should be finishing them soon.

11th -1.25hrs- Deburred, dimpled, primed door parts.
14th -4.5hrs- Finished building baggage door.
15th -4.75hrs- Worked on brake lines.

I used some strips of insulation inside the door to make the internal skin a little stiffer. The strips will help absorb any impacts against the inside of the door.
I taped up some 0.063" spacers to help align the door hinge.
Only the finest quality tools are used for constructing an airplane.

Door is finished....sans lock.

Bending brake lines.

Almost finished installing the brake lines.

This is how the part pictured above fits into the aircraft. I had to make this part on both sides twice before I got it correct. Luckily my unused pitot line from the kit is the same material allowing room for the trial and error.


  1. I forgot about the pitot line that was included with the kit. I wondered why I had so much brake line left over!

  2. haha...it's a good thing it's the same stuff or I'd have to place another order!