Monday, August 26, 2013

Baggage Area Work

Time for another update.

Date and Hours Worked
20 -1.25hrs- Cut insulation
21 -1.25hrs- Clecoed baggage skins, drilled seat hinges
22 -1.5hrs- Drilled, deburred, dimpled foot well floor panels, cut insulation
24 -2.0hrs- Started Floor Pan installation (more on this later)
25 -6.25hrs -Drilled baggage area floors, access panel cutouts, insulation, conduit, match drilled side panels, made stiffening angles for floor panels

One advantage of where I work is having access to some nice avionics tools and the people that know how to use them. Which is why the installation of the BNC connectors for my VHF Comm antennas look really nice.

Most of the baggage area panels clecoed in place and ready for match drilling.

I located the LH and RH access panels (using the stall warning access panel and doubler along with an extra I ordered) as far outboard as I could. The limiting factor is the side panels.

I cut out the access holes. It's pretty easy, just follow the stall warning access panel installation instructions.

I got the conduit installed. I made some little clips to attach the zip ties to and just pop riveted them in place.
I've got two tubes on the right and one on the left. I enlarged the holes in the aft bulkhead to fit the conduit through and then supported it with the clips in the baggage area.
The RH outboard conduit attaches to the same clip in back but snakes through the rib lightening hole and will come up through the floor panel. All of the wire will hide behind the side panel and can pass along the side of the airplane through the existing holes in the frames. 

I drill a hole in the seat rib for the com radio cable. This will then pass through the seat skin as well.

I made the stiffening angles for the baggage area floors.

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