Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lower Fuselage Completed

Adam stopped by after work and we finished riveting the skins onto the aft lower fuselage. Thank you Adam! This completes another big part. The shop is kinda getting full of what feels like random airplane parts; tailcone here, horizontal stabilizer there.

I started the firewall assembly yesterday and continued working on it today. The firewall itself needs to be dimpled with the flush side of the rivet on the forward side. NOTE: use caution when dimpling because two nutplates install on the opposite side of the rest of the nutplates! I used the dimpler for most of the part but the holes near the edges needed to be done with the pneumatic squeezer. To do this I set the firewall on a board hanging off the table, see pic. Easy to turn and move the part as needed.

Monday (2.0) Tues (4.5)

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  1. Looking good! Stainless steel heater box upgrade I hope? We didnt do it but I regret it. Tunnel heat issue is real! Keep up the great work.

    -Brian Unrein