Sunday, September 9, 2012

Delayed Post

So last weekend, I think it was Labor Day, my in-laws canceled their visit which left open a weekend of airplane building. Unfortunately I was a little hindered by having to do some work from home and a few strong thunderstorms, but I persevered and got quite a bit done.
- Finished deburring the tailcone
- Finished dimpling the skins
- Alodined the extrusion parts
- Drilled out the fuselage skins
- Cleaned and primed the tailcone parts

I needed to prime the parts inside my shop, thunderstorms remember, so I created a temporary paint booth. Plastic sheathing was draped across the walls on one end of the shop. To create a barrier between the rest of the shop I made a beam that spans the width of the shop with the sheathing attached. You then can roll up the sheathing and store the hole thing under the loft out of sight....convenient and works great.

The entire weekend about 9hrs

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