Wednesday, July 11, 2012


It's really frustrating to discover that you have made a mistake. Upon first realization there is the moment of disbelief, the excuse, and then the reality of your mishap. Quickly you move into the questioning of "how did this happen" or "why am I such an idiot"! Then just self anguish and embarrassment for a day or so.

So you guessed it, I screwed up. When cutting the longerons, well a single longeron, the instructions called for 68 3/8" and I cut 67 3/8". I didn't discover the mistake until last night when match drilling this longeron and on the last hole there wasn't anything to drill into. A project that is this hands on and with a single builder all mistakes will be discovered before the part is finished. The damage and frustration escalates as the part progresses closer to that finishing point. This particular incident occurred early enough to only cause a very minimum amount of rework.

So a new part is on order and until it arrives I'm going to start on the fuselage. Most of tonight went to moving the tailcone off the table and to the floor and then bringing fuselage parts down from storage in the loft. Not a whole lot done in the past two days. Tues and Wed (2.0)

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