Monday, June 4, 2012

Elevator Ribs and Edges

The trim tabs and elevator trailing edges use foam ribs to stiffen up the skins. The ribs are held in place by ProSeal which, when cured, will hold the ribs in place for a very long time. They're not structural they're used only to stiffen things up. The trailing edges also use ProSeal to hold the skins tight against a small aluminum wedge, this piece though will be riveted to the skins when everything dries up. In the pictures of the elevators it's the part being held in by, what looks like, about 100 clecos. I used the same method to measure the correct quantities of the two part mixture as I did with the rudder trailing edges...large syringes. I also clamped a good flat board to hold everything down while the sealant dries up. (2.0)

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