Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Research and Install Plans

This post lists out some research I have done for what systems need to be installed and when. I needed to find out what was going in the tail, specifically the vertical stabilizer, before closing it up when the skins are installed. The same goes for a lot of other parts of the airplane. So I needed to learn a little more installation details about the specific systems of the RV-10.

Elevator Trim
I plan to replace the the Ray Allen Relays for a more controllable trim. Everything else (ie: the servos in the kit, the trim tabs, elevator, etc) is installed per plans.
Safety Trim Link:
Tim Olson did a great write up on the whole trim problem thing here:
I need to look into the airspeed control that controls the trim rate for this system.

Nothing else will go in the tail (VS, HS, rudder) except the required position/strobe light that is required for night VFR and IFR operations per FAR 91.205. This light installs on the bottom of the rudder in the fairing which is already molded to accept a light. There is not enough room on the top of the tail for an antenna or anything else, so conduit will not be ran throught the VS or rudder.

All antennas will be installed in the fuselage after assembly.

Still need to do research on lights to be installed in the wings.
Some links:

I will probably go with Dynon as my EFIS and they offer an autopilot solution. The servos are purchased separately, from Dynon, for both the ailerons and elevator controls and attach to the bellcranks. The elevator control attaches to an area in the fuselage (I think) and the aileron control attaches in the wing somewhere. Something to remember when building the wings.
See autopilot section

Rudder Trim
I do not want to alter the rudder and add extra weight to the very light frame so I will not be adding a servo with a trim tab to the rudder. I plan on building a spring system to change the forces on the rudder pedals themselves. This is something I can do even after building.

Aileron Trim
If I even add this it will be the system from Vans. Something I can install after the aircraft is flying if required.

So it looks like I can close up all the parts without pre wiring except for the wings. That's good news. So...keep building.

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