Sunday, March 25, 2012

Flying for Primer

Yesterday (Saturday) I flew with my friend and instructor, Caroline, to Aircraft Spruce (KFFC) to pick up supplies including: primer (AkzoNobel two part epoxy), etching acid (Alumiprep 33), and chemical conversion coating (Alodine 1201). My plan for corrosion protection is to etch, alodine, and prime all bare aluminum and just MEK wash and prime all clad pieces. The thin layer of pure aluminum on the face of the clad parts is naturally corrosion prohibitive and only a light coat of primer will ensure the plane will last a long time.

Back to the flight....
We took the flying club's Cessna 182 so, while making the trip, I could get my high performance endorsement which will allow me access to another airplane. I even got some actual IMC time which is always fun. All in all, a good and productive flight!

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