Sunday, May 24, 2015

Tail, Prop, Wings, and N Number

Working at the hangar is not fun. Delay this move as much as possible.....I miss the shop.

Jess and I took a day off work and got to work on the plane together. We made good progress but the only picture I got was after we installed the stabilizers.

I was nervous about pulling the prop plug on the engine. But it turned out to be really ease. I just used a punch and hammered the center of the plug enough to bend it. Then used a strong magnet and it pulled out. Easy.

There was A LOT of work that happened from the above pics to the ones below. I had a day where I scrapped together as many guys I could find to help install the wings and any other help they were willing to provide. Brian U. flew over from Atlanta to give my a hand and I had a few other helpers. It was a really productive and exhausting day. Wings, flaps, rudder, some sound proofing, and several other things were finished up on this day.

Kris came by and we got the N numbers on the tail. They are vinyl "stickers". Really easy to put these on and its hard to tell its not paint.

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