Friday, August 29, 2014

Completed Structure Overview (1320.25hrs)

I just got caught up on a lot of posts and I'm just going to report my times here. It's becoming increasingly difficult to log the times into categories because you start to do a lot of different tasks at this point in the build.

August Times and Dates
2    -5.0 hrs- spinner and prop install
3    -5.5 hrs- cowling work
9    -5.25 hrs- cowl pretty sure
10  -4.0 hrs- cowl stuff maybe
11  -1.0 hr- cowl hinge work
12  -1.25 hrs- cowl hinge work, installed prop governor
13  -1.5 hrs- cowl hinge work, air ramps
15  -7.0 hrs- engine work, cowl work, prop stuff, other stuff im sure
16  -4.75 hrs- same as above...too hard to document now
17  -3.25 hrs- engine stuff...i think

Sorry for the lack of detail but I can't promise it's gonna get better.

Total Time so far

Red is in work. Blue is complete. you can see eventually this little diagram won't be of use anymore.

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