Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Finished Upper Forward Fuselage

I have a lot of things going on right now so working on the plane has moved to the back burner. Building slowed to a near halt and I haven't gotten much completed. And if I don't complete much there isn't anything to write about, and this leads to a lack of posts. I did round up several consecutive hours last Sunday and finished the Upper Forward Fuselage Assembly. I had postponed building this part until I finalized my plan for the instrument panel and all the avionics installing behind it. Once I had the plan I felt comfortable finishing up this section. I hope to get back into the swing of things soon. I have another long weekend coming up, so hopefully I can make some good headway then.

Dates and Times
Sat 19 -1.75hrs- finished rudder pedal install except the brake lines. Installed more access covers and floor panels
Sun 20 -4.0hrs- Prep tunnel close out panels
Install fuel selector valve
Locate fuel pump install location
Make brackets for fuel pump install Measure for fuel lines
Note brake line requirements
Prep order for Bonaco
Tues 22 -1.0hr- worked on side panels
Wed 23  -1.0hr- worked on side panels
Sat 26  -3.0hrs- worked on upper fwd fuselage
Sat 2 -1.25hrs- worked on upper fwd fuselage
Sun 3 -5.25hrs- finished upper fwd fuselage

I borrowed this tool from one of our mechanics at work. I would say something like this is a requirement when installing the nutplates for the rear seat closeout panels.

Upper Forward Fuselage clecoed in place ready to drill out the holes.

All riveted together...section complete.

My helper reading the plans.

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