Monday, April 15, 2013

Fuel Tanks and Flap Fairing

I've been driving an old truck for the past decade. The kind of truck that every component around the engine is new. You name it, I probably replaced that part on this truck at least once. As the truck approached 200,000 miles it just didn't run like it used to, so I stopped using the AC or else it would just not run at all. Well, eventually the AC just wouldn't run at all. So, I drove around for years without an ALABAMA. Yeah it's hot. I really needed a new vehicle but never wanted to spend the money. Then Ayla was on her way and this gave me the excuse I needed to just buy a new car. Of course my wife gets the new car and I get her hand me down what, at least the AC works. Until I started driving it, I fired up the AC last week and nothing but hot air...go figure. Well, this AC I'm fixing. Busted out the tools on Saturday, pulled a vacuum on the system, added leak dye, and now she's icy cold.

After fixing the car's AC Saturday morning I went to work on the Fuel Tanks. Yay more fuel tank work! I'm getting so close to finishing these I can smell it, and it's not just the MEK fumes.

I forgot to post a little work I did last Monday night.
Monday 8th - 0.75hrs on the Flap Gap Fairing. Deburred and dimpled skins. The dimling is fast work with the pneumatic squeezer.

Saturday 13th - 2.5hrs on Fuel Tanks. Clecoed J-Channel and Attach Bracket eith Proseal, wiped down and scuffed edges of ribs for baffle install later. The J-Channel sliding into position wasn't too bad. I really see why you need to smear the Proseal on the tank skin first, it would be a real mess otherwise.
                       - 1.0hrs on the Flap Gap Fairing. Dimpled and riveted onto skin.

Sunday 14th  - 4.5hrs riveted all the above Prosealed stuff together.

7.0hrs to Fuel Tanks = 58hrs total on Fuel Tanks

OK kids this is the advanced Proseal application class....using an inspection mirror.

Fuel Tank attach bracket riveted in place.
Flap Gap Fairing clecoed in place.

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