Sunday, May 13, 2012

Finished Horizontal Stabilizer

Today I finished a big part, the horizontal stabilizer! After hundreds of rivets and hours of work it is finally done! I hung it up on the loft when I finished for safe keeping....ok for display too. It was a pretty cool part to build; having the wing shape made it look very airplane.

I am really happy having the pneumatic squeezer, when you can use it, (ie when the yoke can reach the rivet) it speeds things up a lot over installing all the rivets with a rivet gun. For instance in the pictures is a view looking down the length of the stabilizer and it has clecos sticking out reach side in every other hole. Using the pneumatic squeezer for this made the job go by a lot faster. All the other rivets though were done "by hand" with the rivet gun; turned down low and a couple quick hits with a perfectly squared up bucking bar and the rivets came out just right. Building this airplane is really getting fun. (6.0)

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