Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Prepping For Handle Install

With the doors fit I need to get the handles installed to find out if I need to make any final adjustments to the fit and trim. So it's back to working on the handles, pins, and Planearound third latch install.

I'll let the pictures tell the story...

Date and Time
February 2nd
-4.75 hrs- Worked on prepping doors for handles, latches and Planearound third latch

Total Time on Doors So Far
37.0 hrs

First you use the Vans plastic blocks to drill the proper hole locations. The Vans blocks need to be trimmed and shaped in order to fit in the pockets.

Then it's time to trim the planearound block to fit in the same pocket.

I slid a drill bit through the center hole to align the blocks. I then marked the planearound block for it's initial cut. After cutting and then shaping the block to slide into position in the pocket you match drill from the outside into the planearound block from the holes you made earlier.

Don't forget to cut the racks in half and NOT per the plans...luckily I remembered.

I highly recommend this bit on the dremel to cut out small holes in any of the fiberglass. They work really well. This is the initial cut for the third latch mechanism.

You then mark a hole and open it up to 0.5" (If I remember correctly). I used the same bit to align the holes and the outer part of the third latch mechanism. I then match drilled into the inner skin for the screw holes.

After I drilled all the holes I finished making the slot that is need to install the latch. I cleaned up the opening and epoxied the spacer blocks into place. The third latch kit includes small hollow blocks to reinforce the area around the latch mechanism. I filled the blocks full of epoxy/flox and then forced them into position. Look inside your door before things dry to ensure no epoxy will be blocking the rods that are installing in there later

I also cut open the access holes for the racks in the side pockets.

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