Monday, February 24, 2014

Door Frame Edges and Strut Bracket

A little more work on the doors and I'll be stopping for a while. I need to figure out some things on the exterior handles before I do all the finishing work.

I continued with what I could and that was thickening up the lip around the door frame edge. I used the Mcmaster Carr seal as a mold. I filled the seal up with epoxy/flox, tapped the seal into place with a rubber mallet, and then closed and latched the doors to let it dry. The next day things looked pretty good but the edges needed to be filled in a few areas and the entire process repeated in others where the epoxy door edge didn't make good contact. I also installed the planearound delrin pin guide blocks (sorry I don't have pics of that).

Here is detailed brake down of the tasks I completed
Sat 15th -4.5 hrs-
put seal back on RH Door frame
cleco RH door to fuselage
redrill holes for hinges as required
recountersink holes for hinges as required
screw door onto hinges
close door and test fit
work on gas strut bracket on both doors
install delrin guide blocks
find and mark thin areas of gutter for build up
mix epoxy and sqeeze into seal
close and latch doors while epoxy dries

Sun 16th -2.0hrs-
sand the door frame
re-epoxy areas that didn't work first time
later that day take the canopy off

Total Time on Doors


You can see the area where I had to build up the lip. The seal leave behind a nice ridged edge.

This is the wooden spacer I made to locate the door strut bracket.


  1. Justin, I'm curious as to why you had to redrill holes for hinges. And was that on the canopy or the door?

    1. The past 4 years has made this detail slip my mind. Sorry, I don't remember. At one point I had to re-epoxy the door halves together. Maybe there was epoxy in the holes?