Monday, April 22, 2013

Tube Flaring - Fuel Tanks #11

April 17th 1.25hrs
Obviously this post is a little behind, but I've been busy, and secretly I'm further along than this post shows....but that's for another post on another day.

I flared the vent lines using this tool:
It's a Parker 212FB Rolo-Flair 37° Manual Rotary Flaring Tool and it works great! It comes with a small writeup of instructions, although, it's rather intuitive. Play around with the thing for a few minutes and you're a pro.

I checked the flare against this spec:
and it was dead on....a perfect flare.

I followed this spec for torque:

You can easily work on the vent line with the Inboard Rib in place.

Nice flare.

I cleaned the inside of the tanks with Acetone and inspected the seals and added Proseal anywhere I thought necessary.

Random pic of the baby.


  1. beautiful girl, congratulations to your wife and you, especially your wife :-)