Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Visit to St. Louis

I normally don't post about our St. Louis trips, but this one was kinda neat. It was Ayla's first cross country flight (therefore our first flight with an infant), my first flight flying around weather, and the first time the family got to see Ayla. 
We loaded the C172 up with me in front with my "carry on" bag. Jess and Ayla in the backseat. The baby was in her carseat strapped in using the seat belt. Luggage, pack-n-pay crib, and swing in the luggage compartment. We had full fuel and still had 175lbs to go.
I filed IFR around the storm. The Metars were constantly changing from VFR to MVFR to IFR and back again. I filed for 6000' but dropped to 4000' to stay out of the really cold temperatures.

What a beautiful view out the window!

Once we hit MAW VOR we broke out of the clouds and it was an amazing sight.

This is the view looking behind us after coming out of the clouds.
It wasn't long until we were back in IFR somewhere over Cape Giradeau MO.

Hello St. Louis! Coming in to land at CPS.

This is what made the entire trip worth while; we got to introduce Ayla to all of her family, the Great Grandmothers, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and she got to spend quality time with her Grandma and Grandpa.

The forecast for the trip back was supposed to be overcast, rain, and snow. Turned out to be sunny with a broken ceiling over Huntsville at 9000'. I filed IFR for 9000' then went VFR to 9500' to stay above the thin cloud deck. Picked up a 40knot tailwind home giving us a groundspeed of 160-170knots...the standard cruising speed for the RV-10...Can' Wait for that to be standard! We made it home in 2 hours.
Oh, and Ayla (3 months old) was great. She slept the entire flight there and back. She didn't care about her headset, altitude changes, or turbulence! We are proud of her.

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