Monday, April 8, 2013

Fuel Tanks and Lower Skins

A beautiful weekend here in North Alabama to work on your airplane. Of course, I had more work on the fuel tanks with that great stuff we call proseal. I was able to use the pneumatic squeezer on all of the rivets of the outer ribs. Although, the process is still really slow this was an improvement over riveting.
An example of all the steps involved on the fuel tanks for each rivet:
1. Remove prosealed cleco
2. Drill out hole to clean out proseal
3. Twist MEK soaked countersink in hole to really clean it out.
4. Wipe away surface of old proseal
5. Squeeze a little proseal in the hole
6. Carefully pick up only one rivet using a sticky punch dipped in proseal
7. Insert rivet and press firmly
8. Smear proseal flat
9. Set rivet and move on to the next one
You's just slow.

Since this fuel tank proseal stuff is so slow I decided to start on the wing's lower skins. This is some work that I can do for an hour here and there throughout the week. I'll get back to the time sucking fuel tanks next weekend. I finished up Saturday saying "you know these fuel tank things aren't too bad" then I began to work on the lower proseal, no 9 steps, etc....I realized the joy of building that I had been missing. Wow...look how fast I can go from one step to the next! No mess! This is great! By Sunday I was saying "you know these fuel tank things really do suck".

Friday 5th - Prosealed and clecoed outer ribs, Cap ring, Fuel Drain, other parts
Saturday 6th - Riveted all the parts clecoed on Friday
Sunday 7th - Started lower wing skin section with the flap closeout panels.

7.25hrs to Fuel Tanks = 51hrs total on Fuel Tanks

View looking down into the fuel tank with filler tab clecoed in place.

Outer ribs riveted and prosealed.

Inner rib and fuel drain clecoed and prosealed.

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