Thursday, March 26, 2015

Wings Down, Fairing Work, Cowl Check

Continuing my "work detour". I'm trying to finish everything that is not permanently attached to the fuselage so it can go out for paint. The last post I talked about finishing up all the tail stuff, and now I'm on to the fairings and such.

First I needed muscle to get the wings down from they're lofty storage. I moved the plane out from the shop to make room for the move. These are heavy wings and it's a tricky move, I was nervous, there is A LOT of work invested in all these parts and moving them racks the nerves.

The plane moved out and sitting in front of the shop.

The wings came down safely thanks to some great helpers. I had to rearrange a little, it's crowded, but it all fits.

I wanted to finish some small steps on the fairings and do a good fit check. I wasn't confident on the bond I had between my little support tabs and the fairing so I decided to reinforce them with some small flush rivets.

As you can see...they also still needed some sanding.

I also did one last fit check of the engine cowling.

My little helper. Coloring "circles" she says.

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