Thursday, March 26, 2015

Started Wingtips

I'm installing the new Zip Tips from Aveo...actually I'm the very first person they shipped them to. Which is cool, but comes with new product growing pains as always. The tips are a new aftermarket wingtip that incorporates all of the lights you need, including landing lights, in one fancy design. They come as a full blown wing tip, so, had I known about these, I wouldn't have bought the Vans tips...oh well. But the similarity in design results in an installation that is the same to the stock Vans tips. You just don't have to do anything with the lenses since they are already built in. The plans have you install the wingtips with something like 43 screws per tip (if I remember correctly...doesn't matter...its a lot). Well, I wanted the nice smooth look that the hinge install offers, like how the cowling installs. Other guys have done this before and I found a great write up, that walked through how to do it. So I got to work....

I put the flaps and ailerons on and clamped them in place in the full up position.

I used a rivet fan to add a hole in between each existing hole, since I'm using rivets instead of screws the inter-fastener spacing needed to be smaller.

Tips and hinges get match drilled.

Keep sanding the trailing's almost flush....and almost parallel.

Here you can see the hinges inside the tips. Unfortunately the hinges cant go all the way to the front because of a reinforcement rib that will hold the light pod. So around the leading edge I decided to just install the screws. But I'll have 12 instead of 43!

I clecoed the tip in place to test the fit. The hinges are riveted to the wing skins and the screw holes are dimpled. That's enough to send the wings out for paint. So until the lights pods that go inside the tips arrive I'm done working on the these.      .....I'll be honest. I did not enjoy working on these. I think I was just spent, tired, done, with riveting etc more then it was difficult. Either way I'm glad it's over...for now.

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