Thursday, April 17, 2014

Windows, Back Seats, Fans

Oy.... I'm a bit behind on posting my progress and I seemed to have accidentally deleted some of my time log, so some of the hours will be estimated. This will be a short post with very little info, sorry. 

29th -30th Approx. 6.0hrs 
5th -6th Approx. 8.0hrs
8th -1.25hrs- Finished building seats
9th -1.25hrs- Installed brake resevoir and brake lines down gear leg, cut window clamps
12th -4.25hrs- Cut holes for avionics fans. Glued one window 

I cut all of the windows out. Nothing special, I just followed the plans. I am using the regular Vans windows. I made the initial cut with a cut off wheel and then went back and shaped with a sander. The windows are marked for where you need to cut them and for me the marks were very close. 

I built the back seats. Followed the plans. Very easy. 

Once I had the front window cut out I was able to mark where it layed on the upper fuselage. I then located where I wanted to place my fans keeping in mind the clearance I would need to get an allen wrench under the windscreen to install the fan's screws. I am using some high performance 80mm computer fans. They run on 12vdc and are compact enough to fit under the glareshield and not interfere with the other avionics that will be installed there. These fans serve two purposes 1) cooling the avionics behind the the instrument panel and 2) act as defrosters and removing moisture on the windscreen. The area is masked off because I painted the area black. Eventually I will have a glareshield cover but the paint will help hide any of the small areas the cover....well....doesn't cover. 

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