Friday, October 4, 2013

Control System Complete

The control system has been fun to work on, but it does take a lot of adjusting to get everything correct. Once everything is together you make a measuring jig for the front of the system and with all the linkages connected the back bell crank should be positioned at 91.4°, I was a few degrees off. So then you take everything out or slide the tube forward or aft and adjust the bearings until the bell crank lines up. It all took way longer than I thought, but it's finished now and the bell crank is at 91.8° and I'm calling it good.

I also worked on the rudder pedals...these have been my Achilles' heel. For some reason I have been really stuck on these. Assembly of the parts is really easy, although what I thought was the front of the pedal is actually the back and put the rivets in backwards, so now the tails are looking at you. Well, I figured it's not a big deal just paint them and move on. I had a bright idea to coat them with vehicle under coating. Why not it's black, has texture to it, and should be durable. Prepping the parts and two coats later the stuff just chips right off......mistake. Ok now what. I decided to just drill them apart and strip the coating off and start over. The stripping (not the entertaining kind) and rebuilding will happen this weekend. Hopefully I can finish these and move on.
Dates and Times
Sat 28 -3.25hrs- Control System work
Sun 29 -3.5hrs- Control System work and screwing up rudder pedals
Mon 30 -1.5hrs- Control System adjustments, drilled apart rudder pedals
Tues 1 -1.0hr- Drilled control sticks
Wed 2 -1.25hrs- Finished Control System

The forward push pull tube that attaches to the control column needs extra clearance around the bearing. A longer bearing unscrewed more than half way is used to accomplish this. Unscrewing a bearing more than half way causes concern that it could come off and must be safety wired. The plans call for one side to be wired, but I thought two would be better. I then tie wrapped the two wires to the bolt to help clear the control column tabs.

Push pull rod installed.

I wanted to remove any slack in the system but I didn't want the control stick base continually rubbing against the control column flanges. So to resolve the issue I added two washers over the bushing.

Another view of the added washers.

All the parts assembled and torqued.

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